The Ideology of the IBO
IBO is a dynamic organisation that continuously adapts itself to current care needs within our society. IBO offers a combination of practical idealism and cultural exchange, as an alternative for the contemporary individualism, indifference and the sensation/performance driven social environment we are living in.

Throughout a project, participants of different nationalities live and work together for several weeks. They learn how to take decisions as a team and to search for solutions to unexpected problems that can occur within the group. During their stay, volunteers will be part of the local community and experience their daily life. This way, they will have the unique opportunity to get to know a country from the inside and to discover cultural diversity.

An actual collaboration of people with different backgrounds, lifestyles, thinking and social status avoids preconceptions and encourages mutual understanding and respect. In this way, IBO aims to create conditions for real peace between people and nations worldwide.

IBO wants to point the attention of both government and public toward the problematic situation of the underprivileged and other socially relevant topics, and to make them aware of the necessary action that has to be taken. IBO also wants to put the value of wealth and beauty into question, as well as the common rule that no service is for free. IBO’s philosophy is; humility as a starting point for a better world.

Furthermore, it is IBO’s belief that her activities have an important educational value for the voluntary workers themselves and everyone who is directly or indirectly involved with the projects. Participants can take an active part in offering actual help to people that are at the edge of society and they will personally experience how rewarding it is to improve the life of others.

In other words, by participating in an IBO-project, volunteers stimulate their own personal growth and gain a life-lasting valuable experience. Through their own engagement, they can express solidarity and with this, they become world citizens in the broadest sense of the word.