Internationale Building Projects
'IBO' is short for: International Building Organisation. IBO is a non-profit organisation that provides easily accessible opportunities to participate in volunteers’ projects abroad.

IBO supports improvement projects worldwide where practical assistance is being offered in favour of underprivileged people; regardless of their ethnic background, nationality or believes. This aid is provided by volunteers from several countries, who generally carry out manual/construction works.

One of the primary needs is the improvement of housing conditions (building projects). IBO helps mainly with accommodation projects of organisations that help the underprivileged: day care centres for handicapped children, homes for the elderly, orphanages and hostels for the homeless. Other projects are aimed to, for example, protect the natural environment (ecological projects) or to organise activities for the local community (social projects).

On this website, you can find more information about IBO, as well as information about the different projects that I myself have participated in over the years.