Leek-Mustard Soup

This is a delicious wholesome soup, great for after a brisk walk!


Spinach & Cauliflower Curry

The spices used in this recipe really work their magic. The cauliflower gets simmered in them, absorbing all the different flavours and spreading an irresistible smell around your kitchen.


Onion Soup

Transform a bag of onions into a delicious and hearty soup with this simple and classic recipe. Using very few ingredients you'll create a filling and healthy meal!


Spiced Sweetcorn Soup

A beautiful yellow soup that combines sweet and spicy. A straight forward recipe with few ingredients for a tasty dish that you will have ready in no time!


Guidelines for Our Recipes

  • Dishes based around vegetables and pulses
  • Using many fresh (unprocessed) ingredients
  • Working with lots of spices, grains and nuts
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Meat in moderation
  • No added sugar
  • Few unsaturated fats
  • Low in glychemic index
  • Whole grain instead of white flour, bread, rice and pasta

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