Banana Bread

This banana bread is so moist and fluffy, it's even better than a regular cake! Some dates add the required sweetness. Easy to make and oh so yummy! [...]

Oat & Cocos Cookies

Shredded coconut, apple, raisins and cinnamon make these cookies delightfully sweet.

With all-natural ingredients, these home-made cookies easily beat any shop-bought ones!


Chocolate & Chickpeas Cookies

These cookies are incredibly tasty, you wouldn't believe the ingredients they contain! Just have a go and try them for yourself!


Apple Cookies

Feel like something sweet, but healthy? Try these lovely apple cookies with cinnamon, vanilla and hazel nuts.


Guidelines for Our Recipes

  • Dishes based around vegetables and pulses
  • Using many fresh (unprocessed) ingredients
  • Working with lots of spices, grains and nuts
  • Low in carbohydrates
  • Meat in moderation
  • No added sugar
  • Few unsaturated fats
  • Low in glychemic index
  • Whole grain instead of white flour, bread, rice and pasta

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