My main motivation for starting with "El Camino de Santiago" was the physical challenge, as well as my interest in the cultural and historical aspects of the route. I still consider it a very special thing walking in the footsteps of all those -millions of- pilgrims that went before, striving for the same explicit goal.

Besides all the natural beauty I've seen during my walks, I have also been able to admire many wonderful sculptures, paintings, churches and many other buildings. Numerous monuments have been established alongside the route, varying from old chapels to small rocks, piled up by pilgrims, and altars where garment is left behind.

To me the Camino has been an exceptional experience. I particularly enjoyed being outside in the nature for weeks in a row. During this period, life is very uncomplicated and stress free, what makes you able to find peace of mind. The “letting it all go” attitude provides the possibility to think things over in an objective way, which gives a lot of valuable inspiration. This also helps you to realise and discover what's really important. Many pilgrims are referring to this feeling as the “spiritual experience” of El Camino de Santiago.

I found the social aspect another very valuable part of The Camino. A lot of travellers set out on this journey alone, and are very open to other pilgrims. During my trips I have met lots of friendly and open-hearted people. Everyone has got their own story to tell, but has a genuine interest in others too. In addition, all consider each other equals: No matter what ones personal reasons for the journey are, the destination is the same for all.

After my first Camino-experience, I have returned several times to walk different parts of the route to Santiago. I hope I will be able to complete many more stages in the years to follow. I would recommend anyone elso to also take part in "El Camino De Santiago"!